C.M. Wood Inc.
122 Carmen Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R2L 0E6

ph: 204.471.4097

About Us

A Little History

C.M. Wood Inc. started in 2009 as a small Human Resources company. Many clients also required Information Technology solutions to streamline their business. Instead of outsourcing these solutions, C.M. Wood was able to provide these products to their clients at a very competitive rate.

Today, C.M. Wood Inc. focuses almost solely on the Information Technology side of the business; though Human Resources services are still available.

The C.M. Wood Inc. Difference

C.M. Wood Inc. provides websites and software packages to companies in the Winnipeg area. We are known for providing exactly what the client requires. C.M. Wood technology solutions are never "out of the box"; they are always custom-designed for each individual client.

C.M. Wood Inc. has a variety of different business marketing tools for you to choose from, as well as "in house", custom software to make your day-to-day life that much easier. When the tedious daily tasks are automated for you, you can focus on your customers and the things make you money.

Give us the chance to build a custom designed solution for your individual needs. C'mon, it can't hurt to ask a few questions and kick the tires. You might just find your life is easier with technology than without it.