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Logo Design

Your logo is your trademark. It is like your business's signature. It's what people associate with your business. And, it's an essential part of your company's marketing strategy.

With such paramount importance, don't you think you should have a professional design your logo?

C.M. Wood Inc. works with businesses to create fantastic logos. We work with you, so you get to inject your own ideas into your logo, then our graphic design artists put their finishing touches on it. When it's done, you'll proud to display your logo on your front door, your business cards and your vehicle.

Website Design

Your website is your foothold into the digital world. It is how new customers find you, and how you keep recurring customers. It is another essential part of your marketing strategy.

Many small business ignore web presence altogether, stating that it's too expensive or time consuming. And not realizing that the website's Return on Investment will easily pay for itself much quicker than you would think.

As we continue further into the 21st Century, it is more important than ever to have a professional, both visually and functionally, website that your customers will want to visit again and again.

C.M. Wood Inc. has tons of experience creating websites for small business. We would love the opportunity to work with you on creating your website, and showing you just the kind of Return on Investment a C.M. Wood Inc. website can provide for your business.

Business Card Design

Every person involved in a company needs a business card. But even though they've been around forever is no reason for business cards to be boring.

C.M. Wood Inc. can design and deliver printed business cards for your entire team in a matter of days. Not only that, you can inject your own ideas into the design and still have it signed off and sent to the printer in just days.

It's time to liven up your team! Get new business cards from C.M. Wood Inc.

Letterhead Design

With the invention of email, letterhead was put by the wayside for some comapnies. But every so often, you need to send an old fashioned first class letter. But what do we print it on?

Businesses still need letterhead for all kinds of printed communications. C.M. Wood Inc. would be happy to design and deliver your custom letterhead. You can get pre-printed letterhead, or a digital version. So you can attach it to all your emails and provide the consisty of design across your business.

Go ahead, dust off old relic out of the past, and bring it into the 21st Century with C.M. Wood Inc. designed letterhead.