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Website Design

Think about it… Can you really afford not to have a website nowadays?

Maybe you've lasted this long and think you're doing pretty good. But without a quality website, how many customers and sales are you missing out on? Let's be serious. Probably a lot.

Isn't it time you at least checked out what a website can do for your business?

C.M. Wood Inc. can provide the missing link for a well–established business or provide the building blocks for a new start–up.

Website Hosting

Not only do we provide the website, but we can also provide the hosting for your website. Whether we built your website or not, we're pleased to provide the hosting with any one of our hosting packages.

Also included in your hosting package is content updates as and when required and professional email. The higher–level packages also include monthly Google Analytics Reports, Up–time monitoring, conversion analysis, and search engine optimization.

Professional Email

So your website is already up and running and you're happy with how it's going, but you still have a heatmail address? There is a much more professional option.

C.M. Wood Inc. can provide you with the professional quality websites that match your website domain. Your customers will appreciate the time you've taken and know the difference.

Website Marketing

So you have a good website, but no one is looking at it. What happened? Well, nothing, really. Your website needs to be marketed to generate interest and produce hits.

C.M. Wood Inc. will work with you to design a custom website marketing plan that will have your website generating buzz in no time. From specially targeted newspaper ads, vehicle decals to other print media that can be handed out, we will put your website on the map.


So your website isn't performing the way you expected? Well, that's not uncommon. Sometimes with the best of planning, customer don't quite close the deal on the online action you're hoping them to make.

C.M. Wood Inc. can analyze user behavior on your website, pinpoint the problem, and find the solution that makes your website convert.

Convert to what, you ask? Convert from an online document to money in your pocket.


This is the final piece of the puzzle. Your website is online, customers are navigating to it, you're earning some online business. But when you look in your favourite search engine, your website isn't there.

C.M. Wood Inc. will work with you, and show you what you can do to make the search engine spiders find you and ensure that your website is of the highest quality. It may take some time, but we'll get there.