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Custom Software

Do you have a unique business and you just can't find software that does exactly what want?

The good news is that C.M. Wood Inc. can provide the software that does exactly what you need. We work with you from day 1, so that the final product is everything you needed it to be and nothing that it wasn't supposed to be.

Mobile Apps

So you already have a good website? Now what? When it's time to take the next step, you need a Mobile App.

Mobile Apps are the ultimate in convenience for your customers. Most tasks can be completed from anywhere with only a few taps of their mobile phone screen. Sure, it will cost you something up front, but your customer's satisfaction will be worth it in the end.

C.M. Wood Inc. can provide Mobile Apps for all four major platforms. Most of our customers want iPhone apps, but we can also produce Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. As always, we work with you from the start to make sure the app you paid for is the app you get.

Software Packages

C.M. Wood Inc. also has pre-developed packages. This is good news for you as quite a bit of development time can be cut out. We still customize the software for your own needs and brand it as your own, but many of the functions do not need to be re-written; saving us time and you money.

Dispatch Director Logo

Dispatch Director

C.M. Wood Inc. provides Dispatch Director to full service taxi companies. It is a fully featured dispatching system, including accounting, expenses and fleet management.

Check out Dispatch Director's own website for full information.